About Us


We are a specialized animal glue manufacturer in the field of producing Jelly Glue and Animal Glue Powder. Our products are designed for making high-grade gift box, hard book cover, folder and so on. Different types of glues are available for specific applications of end user.

All of our products have the environment protection and safety test report issued by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre. All Jelly Glue has passed the standards of RoHS.
At same time we are selling high quality bone glue and gelatin (100Bloom-600Bloom 12.5%).

Hua Kang Jelly Glue is applied to machines with glue heating device. Benefiting from lower water content, clean and environment protection, our Jelly Glue can avoid some common problems such as distortion, bubble, going moldy and so on. Meanwhile, the thickness of the pasting layer of jelly glue is only the half of normal glue’s.

At present, Hua Kang animal glue is used in many large factories in domestic market and has been supplied to over 20 factories in Southeast Asia and Middle East area. Our product can completely match up with the full-automatic / semi-automatic box making machines  made in Japan, Germany or Italy. It is also applicable for Chinese box making machines with heating device. On account of the remarkable quality performance, our Jelly has become the first choice for debugging machine by many machine producers.