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The Types and uses of the animal glue

Date: 2010/2/20 16:55:35

Animal glue:types and uses
Animal glue was the most common woodworking glue for thousands of years until the advent of synthetic glues such as polyvinyl acetate (PVA) and other resin glues in the 20th century. Today it is used primarily in specialty applications such as lutherie, pipe organ building, and antique restoration. Glass artists takes advantage of hidden glue's ability to bond with glass, applying hidden glue to glass. As the glue hardens it shrinks, chipping the glass.
It has several advantages and disadvantages compared to other glues. The glue is applied to hot, typically with a brush or spatula; it is kept hot in a glue pot. Most animal glues are soluble in water, useful for joints which may at some time need to be separated.[1] Alcohol is sometimes applied to such joints to dehydrate the glue, making it more brittle and easier to crack apart.
Specific types include hidden glue, bone glue, fish glue, rabbit skin glue.

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