Glue for high-speed machine


Product Name: Binding glue (slow dry) BH-502

Product Type: Glue for high-speed machine


Industrial Adhesive (Jelly Glue) BH-502 is formulated for the semi-automatic giftbox making machine or manual operation.

Type number: BH-502 (binding glue)
Suitable for: binding the glue used to all kinds of top-grade hardcover book shell, photo album, gift boxes. Rubber is applicable to the binding dongguan machinery, force source machinery factory), wenzhou sharp bo, old touch and other production of rubber roll, the paste machine feida series, namely: semi-automatic production equipments.
Special sex: binding glue odour scent, good adhesion, good fluidity, the use effect of the clean, fold the gender is strong, the drying time is fast; Glue binding due to low water content, which can solve the book cover to deformation of production, sent fragile, the phenomenon such as blister, the machine will not corrode. Binding glue coating is just one

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