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Dongguan Hua Kang glue will participate in the2011 Thailand Printing Exhibition(Pack Print International 2011)

Date: 2011/8/27 14:59:01

   【the show time】: August 31, 2011 - September 3rd

   【Exhibition venue】: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center

   【Huakang booth No.】: P-R41

    Dongguan Huakang glue will participate in the August 31, 2011 - September 3rd in Thailand Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center organized the "2011 Thailand international packaging and printing Exhibition ( Pack Print International 2011 )".

   【Exhibition review】:

    In 2009 Thailand international packaging and printing exhibition by Thailand Packaging Association and the Thailand Printing Association, and was obtained from the world's largest exhibition company -- Germany Dusseldorf Exhibition Corporation, and the Thailand Convention Bureau ( TCEB ) support. The exhibition is held once every two years, since was held successfully first 2007, the Asian region has become the industry standard of fresh air to the exhibition, printing and packaging industry to meet the changing needs of enterprises. Asia has a positive business and economic environment, broad consumer market and purchasing power increases with each passing day. More and more great development potential of the Asian countries such as Thailand, emerge, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia and other countries, with the national economy fast health develops, drove advantageously printed packaging products in the market demand, in which Thailand has become the center of international investment and the circulation of commodities in the window. In 2007 the Thailand international packaging and printing exhibition a total area of 15000 square meters, a number of countries from the 284 exhibitors, and attracted nearly 18000 professional visitors to. In 2009 Thailand international packaging and printing exhibition will once again become the Asian printing packaging industry an important event, in order to provide more trade opportunities. 2009, 21 countries from the 170 exhibitors to attend the event, exhibited a total area of 18000 square meters, from Southeast Asia, India, Oceania and other 40 countries of the professional audience reach 13000 people. Various data show, the exhibition will achieve historical new record.

    Exhibitors through the exhibition not only can understand and master the Asian industry the latest development of the market, at the same time contributes to nearly all kinds of potential customers, search for a new sales and technical cooperation partners, the development of new business opportunities.
Dongguan Huakang glue is committed to professional production apply to high-end gift box, hardcover book cover, file produced by using animal glue. Our products glue ( Jelly Glue jelly) and animal powder two, according to the customer production needs of a variety of models. We also sell high quality glue and gelatin industrial products.

    Dongguan Huakang glue glue used in the machine which has the heating device, because of the lower water, can effectively prevent the products, foaming, moldy deformation phenomena, using only need general glue coating thickness by half, is the production of high-grade gift box, hardcover book cover and other products will glue. Kang brand of animal glue in China currently has a number of large factories, and exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with Japan, Germany and Italy, automatic and semi automatic box making machine, and all kinds of domestic box making machine with heating device.
Corporation the production of various types of glue has become more than domestic manufacturers preferred test machine glue machine.

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