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Tea packaging new tactics

Date: 2010/10/6 13:11:20

      Included in the carton packaging tea packaging and paper bags, Dongguan City, China Hong glue factory specialized in producing gelatin, gel glue, jelly glue, hot melt powder and other animals. Mainly used for high-end gift box, hardcover book covers, folder class production. carton packaging and paper packaging. Hua Hong glue factory can produce according to demand different types of animal glue, gel glue, plastic jelly for the production of different machines, to meet the different production methods, to improve product quality, reduce production costs. Wah Hong teach you the recipe for a new tea packaging techniques.
   1. Carton packaging

    Carton is white paper, paperboard, etc. After the printing after forming, carton packaging to prevent the easily damaged tea, shading performance is also excellent. Tea packing carton for the solution of the volatile aroma and the impact of odor from the outside world, usually with a polyethylene plastic bag and then the tea tray. Carton packaging is easy to damp the shortcomings, the most recent years appeared paper-plastic packaging boxes, cartons and easy to overcome the problem of moisture, such as the use of the inner layer of plastic film or cardboard coated with a moisture-proof coating for the production of packaging materials tea packing box, only has the function of composite film bag, but also has a protective carton packaging, rigidity and other properties. If made with a plastic bag inside the packet of bags, protective better.

   2. Plastic molding containers

    Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic molding container has a generous, beautiful, packaging, display good effect, but the sealing performance is poor, as in tea packaging, multi-use packaging, the packaging film plastic bags inside the multi-purpose complex package.

    3. Composite film bag

    Plastic composite film has a light, not damaged, sealing is good, affordable, and many other advantages, is widely used in packaging. Composite film for packaging of tea there are many, such as moisture-proof cellophane / polyethylene / paper / foil / polyethylene, biaxial oriented polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, polyethylene / polyvinylidene chloride / polyethylene, etc. composite films have excellent gas barrier, moisture, Paul fragrance, anti-odor and so on. As most plastic films all have 80% to 90% light transmission rate, to reduce the transmission rate of packaging materials can be suppressed either by adding UV printing, colored to reduce light transmission. In addition, to be used in aluminum foil or vacuum aluminum-based composite materials, packaging materials shading. Composite film bag in various forms, there are three sides sealing shape, standing bag-shaped, folded shape and so on. The composite film has good printing of bags, do sales with its packaging design, to attract customers and promote sales of more tea has a unique effect.

    4. Paper bag

    Also known as the tea bag, which is a thin filter paper tea bags for the village of packaging materials, together with a paper bag into the tea when the with. The purpose of the filter paper bag primarily to improve the leaching rate, while also make tea of the tea powder can be fully utilized. The tea bag has brewed fast, clean, the amount of the standard, can be mixed drink, easy slag, easy to carry, etc., to adapt to fast-paced needs of modern, popular favor in the international market. Bags are generally early teabag line to meet the convenience of soaking times, considering the environmental requirements, not bags are now becoming more popular line of teabag.

   As a special class of goods, due to their own and objective conditions, the tea's packaging is different from other general merchandise packaging. Several more methods you learn tea packing up. For more knowledge, please log in

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