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2010 Annual Meeting of China Printing Standardization standard interpretation includes book binding

Date: 2010/10/6 12:48:34

Will be held 22-28 November 2010, held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, "2010 China Printing [Wikipedia] standardized annual" content have been identified. The annual meeting will be a main venue and the form of two sub-venues, including the main venue on November 23 the main content:

   2009-2010 print introduce standardization; standard prop up the backbone of hundred enterprises; Shenzhen City, introduced the printing standardization policies; print supervision and inspection and standardization; PSO standards for certification and enterprise technology management; CTP used in the stability of the enterprise; control of print quality efficient way - neutral gray control strip; China offset printing ink color standardization; ISO 10128 calibration method of the three printing; new standard-setting corporate and individual medals and certificates awarded.

   November 24 will also open two at the venue, were held "Reading books and binding standards and new technology introduction and seminars" and "packaging [Wikipedia] printing and after printing the standard interpretation and seminars."

  First, the "standard interpretation of binding books and new technology introduction and seminar" India will invite renowned experts to explain the scene the teacher Zhu Huai Wang: press and publishing industry standard CY / T 40-2007 "bookbinding hot melt adhesive with EVA requirements and testing Methods "core content; introduce new material PUR adhesive binding books using technology; to answer all kinds of book binding quality.

  Second, the "packaging printing and after printing the standard interpretation and the seminar" will invite well-known printing company Star Group Chief Technology Officer Mr. Dai Zuxi and domestic well-known experts in packaging and decoration printing Zheng Shaonan detailed interpretation of the teacher after printing packaging printing and packaging standards.

   Specific explanation: GB / T 7705-2008 "Offset decorating printed"; GB / T 7706-2008 "relief and decorating printed matter"; GB / T 7707-2008 "intaglio decoration print"; CY / T 59-2009 "paper print mode cutting process control and test methods "; CY / T 60-2009" hot stamping and embossing paper print process control and test methods "; CY / T 61-2009" printed paper box making process control and detection methods. "

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